Nami 101


What you need to know about Nami;
Nami Aka SOUNDMASTER is an Artist/ producer,a songwriter and a mixing and mastering engineer.
He started his Music Career as an Artist before he felt the need to start Producing himself and other artists too. He dropped his last single named Style Earlier this year which was his first official release as a singer. He also has other Rap songs out there too . He has worked with a large variety of artists, producers and Engineers such as DjCoublon , Swaps, Rhatti, and others. He was also involved In the SeyiShay Pepsi Airbrush Competition for producers of which he came Out as a finalist. He also won the Unn best Producer Award 2years straight when he was in UNN that’s 2015&2016 .
Nami has a brand new single schedule to drop 22nd of December titled insult. This is the official poster

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